When you aim high
Put wings on your project
Software crafting.
Reduce your technical risk with solid software.
Software architecture and DDD - Get maintainable software.
Engineering for startups - Leverage the cloud.
Full-stack development - Frontend + Backend = move fast.
Event Sourcing - When your business is complex.
Marketing and strategy
Discover who your customers are and how to reach them.
Customer insight - What drives your customers?
Marketing and branding strategy - what position do you take in the market?
Shape ideas into a collective vision.
Ideation - Many ideas = a good idea.
Event Storming - create a common understanding of a complex business
Hackathon - idea to prototype in 54 hours (or less, ... or more).
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Your innovation matters
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Do you want to build an innovative product quickly before hiring employees?

Do you want to test an idea or get over and obstacle?

Do you have a concrete problem that you just want solved?

We know it can be difficult to find experienced people on a short notice.
We know that innovators like you desire to move fast.
We are aware that you may have constraints that can be handled with flexibility.

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Software crafting, Marketing&strategy, Workshops
The team

Arne develops software. He is a PhD in numerical methods and MSc in quantum physics.

His interests include software architecture, DDD, entrepreneurship and AI.


Petra is a marketing specialist. Her talent is identifying customer segments, and to understand what motivates them.
Petra has experience from FMCG and fashion.

Some fine companies we have worked with
Workshops and hackathon
Strategy and marketing
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